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Liz Fuentes of My Fit Foods has long been a supported and admirer of Jackie Barnard’s Designing Lines artwork.  She was among the first to invite Jackie to place some of his art in her primary store location at 2500 Green Oaks Drive, Kingwood, Texas.


Liz Fuentes of My Fit Foods-Kingwood tells about Jackie's art in her store.


Here you can see Jackie in his home showing some interested friends some of his works.  In the picture, left are Chuck Radney and Carol, Jackie is pictured to the right.  Chuck is a General Contractor who specializes in Industrial Facilities.

Jackie is explaining about his line of Industrial Art pieces depicting any number of different industrial complexes around the country.  You can see them displayed in the background.

Jackie Barnard discussing his artwork with interested friends.

Lisa Manning discussing her Designing Lines Artwork.

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